Leroy "Satchel" Paige -- Athlete / Showman / Philosopher / Boundary Breaker

Through dogged research and extensive interviews, award-winning author and journalist Larry Tye has tracked down the truth about this majestic and enigmatic pitcher.  A stirring account of the child born to a poor Alabama washerwoman, the boy who earned his nickname from his enterprising work as a railroad porter, and the young man who took up baseball on the streets and in reform school before becoming the superstar hurler of the Negro Leagues.

Larry Tye reveals how Paige, hurt and angry when Jackie Robinson beat him in breaking the Major League color barrier, emerged at the improbable age of 42 to help propel the Cleveland Indians to the World Series.

Over a career that spanned four decades, Satchel pitched more baseballs, for more fans, in more ballparks, for more teams, than any player in history.

Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend

Listen in as author Larry Tye leads the discussion in the Clubhouse.  And, remember, don't look back.  Something might be gaining on you.