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Just as Jim Gullo's seven-year-old son Joe was beginning to develop a true passion for the game, the bombshell news of players' steroid use made it clear that America's pastime wasn't what it claimed to be.  Rather than wait for an official explanation and apology from Major League Baseball that would never materialize, Jim and his son set out to find their own answers.  They traveled the country, from Spring Training contests to Major and Minor League games -- speaking with players, prospects, and managers while tracking down legends and ghosts of baseball's golden age.  And one day they discoverted an aging but dedicated prospect who would become not only a true role model for Joe, but also the unlikely inspiration to lure both father and son back to the game they loved.

"Trading Manny" tells the story of their journey -- how along the way Joe traded his idol Manny for a more worthy hero -- and Jim discovered something invaluable about being a father.  As we get ready for Father's Day in the Clubhouse, be part of this fascinating evening with Jim and Joe...

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