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In this remarkable sports book, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Marty Dobrow explores the “anguish of almost” as he examines the lives of six minor league baseball players who are so close to something they want so much, something they have always wanted, but something they still might not get. What links them together, aside from their common goal of wanting to play on a major league team, is they are all represented by the same team of agents whose own aspirations parallel those of the players they represent.

In a starred review, Publishers Weekly called the book, “A beautifully written, meticulously orchestrated account of the families, common agents, notable triumphs, and devastating failures of half a dozen talented young men who want to play in the Major Leagues.”

Marty Dobrow is an associate professor at Springfield College.  He has written for the Boston Globe, Sports Illustrated, and the International Herald Tribune.  Five of Marty's pieces have earned recognition in the "Best American Sports Writing" series.

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