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The team that's lived a life like no other finally receives the epic retelling it deserves.  From the author of the beloved Mets fan memoir Faith and Fear in Flushing comes The Happiest Recap, a four-volume history of the New York Mets.

Their greatest games, the era they were played in, the circumstances surrounding them, the people who made them happen.  500-plus tales of the Mets at their best and sometimes overcoming their worst.  The championship years, the striving years, the stumbling years.  These are the games you'll always remember and the games you'll be glad you finally met.

Greg Prince is co-author of Faith and Fear in Flushing, "the blog for Mets fans who like to read," and author of the book of the same name, an intensely personal memoir of his life as a Mets fan.  Greg has written about baseball for The New York Times,, the Huffington Post and Yahoo! Sports, and contributed to the documentary The Last Play at Shea.  A communications consultant away from the diamond, Greg lives on Long Island, but will always consider Shea Stadium his spiritual home.


Listen in to Greg Prince -- and the happy recap -- from the Clubhouse...

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During our intimate, exclusive VIP Special Event, Dwight spoke eloquently about his relationship with his Dad, the pressure of pitching in NYC, his childhood, the memories of his playing career, his teammates, addiction, the fans, Mets history and more...

Listen in as Doc made us laugh, cry, remember.  Father’s Day.  A special day in the Clubhouse.

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Between 1870 and 2010, 165 Jewish Americans played Major League Baseball.  This book presents oral histories from Bob Berman, a catcher for the Washington Senators in 1918, to Adam Greenberg, an outfielder for the Chicago Cubs in 2005.  The players discuss their careers and consider how their Jewish heritage affected them.  Legends like Hank Greenberg and Al Rosen, as well as lesser-known players, reflect on the issue of whether to play on high holidays, responses to anti-Semitism on and off the field, bonds formed with Black teammates also facing prejudice, and personal and Jewish pride in their accomplishments.

Listen in, as Peter Ephross takes us through the oral histories that present a vivid portrait of what it was like to be a Jewish Major Leaguer...

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