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Part Two -- Q&A -- with Vernona Gomez.

Enjoy this special event -- live from the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse on December 13, 2012...

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Vernona Gomez is the daughter of New York Yankees Hall of Fame pitcher Lefty Gomez and Broadway star June O'Dea.

As a child, she bounced on Babe Ruth's knee, made sandcastles on the spring training beach with Joe DiMaggio, and won card games with Cy Young.  Growing up in a baseball family, Vernona was a tag-along with her parents at Old Timers' games, World Series, and Cooperstown Induction weekends.  A concert pianist, Vernona made her debut at Carnegie Hall -- at the age of 8.

On December 13th, we were extremely fortunate to have hosted a special night with Vernona Gomez... stories, rare films and personal memories about the dusty streets of turn-of-the-century California, to the frenzied roar of Yankee Stadium and the exuberant sophistication of Broadway.

Our final author of the 2012 Event Calendar in the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse.  Enjoy Part One of this special evening with Vernona Gomez...

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Listen in as we welcomed Ray Negron for an emotional evening in the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse...

"Much of sports can leave us skeptical if not cynical. But I defy anyone to read Ray Negron's remarkable story and not come away believing that there still can be genuine heart, soul, and even redemption in the games we watch and play." -Bob Costas

"Full of fascinating personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes details, it brings back memories of what it was like to be in Yankee Stadium on a warm summer afternoon." -Henry Kissinger

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