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On September 29, 1957, the New York Giants played their final game at the Polo Grounds.  Moe Resner brought his movie camera with him.  In this different era, Moe was allowed to walk on the field and mingle with ballplayers and baseball executives.  It's all captured in "End Of An Era," a captivating documentary.  Perhaps the greatest amateur baseball documentary ever made.

Join Moe Resner -- and special guest Perry Barber -- for a fun evening in the Clubhouse...

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What if everything we've been taught about getting revved up for the big game, or any personal pursuit, is wrong?

In “Stillpower,” Garret Kramer provides a revolutionarily simple explanation and understanding.  Could the secret to excellence exist in returning to a childlike state where “the zone” comes naturally?  He reveals the innate principles behind consistent performance and success -- on and off the field.  Virtually all of us are looking outside of ourselves, hoping to unlock the keys to happiness and success.  In “Stillpower,” Kramer encourages us to look within to finally find the answers.

Garret's revolutionary approach to performance has transformed the way players, coaches, and professional teams view the athletic and life journey.  Listen in to Garret's appearance in the Clubhouse...

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Just as Jim Gullo's seven-year-old son Joe was beginning to develop a true passion for the game, the bombshell news of players' steroid use made it clear that America's pastime wasn't what it claimed to be.  Rather than wait for an official explanation and apology from Major League Baseball that would never materialize, Jim and his son set out to find their own answers.  They traveled the country, from Spring Training contests to Major and Minor League games -- speaking with players, prospects, and managers while tracking down legends and ghosts of baseball's golden age.  And one day they discoverted an aging but dedicated prospect who would become not only a true role model for Joe, but also the unlikely inspiration to lure both father and son back to the game they loved.

"Trading Manny" tells the story of their journey -- how along the way Joe traded his idol Manny for a more worthy hero -- and Jim discovered something invaluable about being a father.  As we get ready for Father's Day in the Clubhouse, be part of this fascinating evening with Jim and Joe...

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History has remembered Carl Furillo as an opponent of Jackie Robinson becoming a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, despite that being untrue.  This biography sets the record straight, while also detailing Furillo's contributions as a clutch hitter and an outstanding right fielder, his angry departure from the team, his hearing before the commissioner of baseball, and his life after the sport.

"This book needed to be written and Ted Reed has done his homework,"  - Carl Erskine, Brooklyn Dodgers

Listen in as Ted Reed, an all-star reporter for, led a lively Clubhouse discussion...

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