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From the Library Journal:  "If you had to pick out one year that epitomized the volatility of the 1970s, 1973 would be it.  Watergate was rearing its ugly head.  The Vietnam War finally ended.  OPEC embargoed oil, sending gas prices soaring.  In the midst of all of this, Matthew Silverman suggests, baseball offered a reprieve.  He details how the 1973 MLB season unfolded as it ushered in Willie Mays’s last season, and started two American League phenomena that changed the game: the designated hitter and George Steinbrenner’s ownership of the New York Yankees.  Silverman takes readers around the major leagues, placing the baseball season in the cultural and political climate of 1973 as he does so.  Anecdotes about such cultural details as the Atkin’s diet and Archie Bunker do not hinder the larger story as he effectively connects 1973 into baseball history.  He crafts a thrilling account of the 1973 baseball season itself right up to the final out of the World Series.  The reader will not get bogged down in detail during this fun and fascinating read."

Listen in as author Matthew Silverman takes us back to 1973 -- Baseball's Wildest Season...

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